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            Gear pump industry, product market competition
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                   Gear pump hydraulic technology penetrated into many areas, and constantly in the civilian industry, in machine tools, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, gear pump and forestry machinery, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries have substantial application and development, and develop into, including transmission gear, control and detection, a complete automation technology. The degree of today, the use of hydraulic transmission has become a measure of a country's industrial level is one of the important symbol. As developed countries produce 95% of the engineering machinery, 90% of CNC machining centers, more than 95% of the automatic line of hydraulic transmission technology has been adopted.
                   Gear pump in recent years, China hydraulic pneumatic sealing industry adhere to technological progress, the gear pump to accelerate the development of new products, achieve good results, emerge a number of different characteristics of high-tech products. Beijing machine tool of straight moving type electro-hydraulic servo valve, hangzhou seiko hydraulic electric company, the proportion of low noise overflow valve (patented), ningbo China liquid company flow of electro-hydraulic proportional pressure valve (has applied for patent), gear pump are all mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, and has been put into mass production, has achieved good economic benefit.               Beijing huade hydraulic group company of the constant power variable plunger pump, to fill the gaps in the domestic large displacement piston pump, apply to metallurgy, forging press, mining and other form a complete set of large complete sets of equipment. Tianjin co., LTD., semen pressure of three kinds of gear pump has the advantages of novel structure, small volume, high pressure resistance, low noise, performance indicators advanced. Gear pump quality hydraulic parts co., LTD. Of high performance composite gear pump can be widely used in engineering, metallurgy, mining machinery and other fields. In addition, there is the guangdong high-pressure vane pump of high performance, wide liquid company ningbo forever China super high pressure hose assembly, pneumatic pump wuxi institute of technology co., LTD., for a variety of automatic control equipment of form a complete set of WPI new cylinder series are very distinctive new products in response to the new situation after China's accession to the WTO, our country hydraulic industry companies to accelerate the scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve product market competitiveness, a batch of high quality products successfully for national key projects and key host form a complete set, obtains the good economic benefit and social benefit.
                   Gear pump gas pipeline production line hydraulic equipment is a country of west to east gas pipeline project of form a complete set of equipment; Burgmann cixi sealing material company W type winding gaskets, high temperature and high pressure gear pump has been successfully used in the hydrocracking device; Dalian hydraulic parts factory and shanxi changzhi hydraulic parts factory of steering vane pump, gear pump are key components in the medium and heavy vehicle steering system, the gear pump is two plant's yearly output has reached more than 100000 units; Qingdao base pearl seal of the company's new combination two-way sealing and large mud resistant oil seal is respectively, faw jiefang 9 tons of car and yituo tractor kit of seal; Co., LTD. In addition, tianjin, semen pressure of hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic multi-way valve, huzhou force a multifunctional valve, weihai pneumatic components company combination pressure regulating valve of the air pressure reducing valve, guizhou maple Yang hydraulic power unit and hydraulic shift valve, etc., are well received by users. Gear pump is hydraulic transmission products in the position and role of the national economy and national defense construction is very important. It determines the development of the improvement of the performance of the mechanical and electrical products. It can not only greatly limit to meet the necessary conditions of functional diversification of mechanical and electronic products, is also completed a major engineering project, the basic guarantee of major technical equipment, mechanical and electrical products and major projects and the reliability of the equipment guarantee. So the development of hydraulic products is to realize the automation of the production process, especially an indispensable important means of industrial automation. Gear pump is now all countries in the world attaches great importance to the development of basic products. In recent years, foreign hydraulic technology due to the wide application of high-tech achievements, gear pump based products in horizontal, varieties and expand application areas has greatly improved and development.
                   Hydraulic products in our country have a certain production capacity and technical level of production of scientific research system. Gear pump, especially the base product industry in the recent ten years by the national support, improve equipment level, now can produce varieties complete specifications of products, has been for automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, machine, metallurgy, mining, power generation equipment, petrochemical industry, railway, ships, ports, light industry, electronics, medical, and defense industry provides the basic complete product varieties. By integrating scientific research and production, in proportion to the hydraulic servo system and components such as achievement has been used in production. In such aspects as product CAD and CAT has made gratifying progress, and is widely used. Gear pump and in the domestic set up a lot of sole proprietorship, joint venture, to raise the technical level of industries, at the same time, provides the host are in urgent need of high performance and high level products, to fill the domestic blank.
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